Is food getting stuck around your dental implants?

Is food getting stuck around your dental implants?

Dental implants have proven very helpful for many patients. Usually, a patient with minor issues but for the most part a healthy underlying oral structure is a great candidate for implants.


Once your new implants are in your mouth and you’ve recovered sufficiently, you’ll realize how wonderful it is to enjoy all your old favorite food with your new dental implants. You’ll feel more confident with stronger implants in place.


A brief overview

Dental implants are just like your natural teeth. They’re placed in your jaw bone like a screw and bond with the bone, serving as a foundation for crowns – the tooth-part. Basically, the crown is the white part, and the implant keeps it in your mouth.



Dental implants feel like natural teeth and tear food the same way too, so when you bite into a deli sandwich or hamburger and tear off a piece, your dental implants feel secure.


Another major benefit of dental implants is that they prevent food from getting underneath your teeth. They’re part of your jaw so there’s no risk of that happening. This minimizes infection and halitosis.



If your dental implants are at high risk for catching food around them, there may be other reasons. Here are some reasons why your dental implants may be snagging food.


  • They’re too small. To fix or prevent this, your surgical dentist and restoring dentist must communicate with one another, and with you. Dental implants need to be exact to your mouth.


  • Poor positioning. The implant may be positioned poorly and tilt, overlap, or crowd adjacent teeth. A professional dental team is key for excellent fit and positioning.


  • The crowns’ fit on the implant. The way the tooth-part sits on the implant may not be exactly right. It may be slightly awry, causing problems for your dental health. An excellent dental team will guarantee a proper fit.


  • Improper contour. The outside of the implant can be unevenly shaped, and so the implant will catch food around it. To solve this, a dentist must provide detailed instructions to the lab, describing the contouring exactly. The highest-quality materials should be used to ensure the best dental implants.


  • Stock abutments. These sit in-between the crown and the implant and can be either stock or customized. It’s important to request customized abutments and not stock abutments – factory pre-fab pieces. Getting customized abutments makes a huge difference and, although they are more expensive, they’re worth every penny.



Food getting caught in your dental implants is unsightly in social situations and can also be a magnet for infections. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing regularly with an antibacterial mouthwash along with regular dental check-ups are optimal ways of keeping your dental implants free of food.


Your natural teeth are made of non-stick enamel and are very slippery, and what doesn’t slip off your teeth is taken care of by your tongue. Food doesn’t stick to your teeth easily and food doesn’t stick to your dental implants easily either.


It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes food will get stuck in your dental implants. If this happens to you, here’s what you can do.


  • Use a water pick or an oral irrigator. These tools blast food and other detritus from between your dental implants and the gum line. These are also called water flossers or hydro flossers and range in cost from 30 to 100 dollars at most drug or grocery stores. They’re basically a reservoir attached to a small hose, which is directed at different parts of the mouth and teeth.


  • Engage in proper oral hygiene. If you don’t take care of your teeth, they get infected. If you don’t take care of your dental implants, they may also get infected. Your dental implants are just as susceptible to bacterial infections as natural teeth, so have a consistent dental health routine with quality tools – brush, floss, and rinse, as well as schedule regular check-ups with your dentist.

There is a wide range of responses if you feel as if there is a lot of food sticking in and around your dental implants. If this is the case, consult the expertise of groups like Stan Kimball DDS.


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